I care about how people interact with technology, how it impacts their lives for better or worse, and how we can be smarter about our digital footprint. These days, I speak most frequently about the following topics:

Hit the target: customer satisfaction that matters
The science of satisfaction is fascinating and complex: what are your clients really expecting from you? When they bought your product or service, what did they think they were getting? And how can you make sure you deliver on that expectation? At Skyhook, we talk about “Hitting the target”, or understanding the unique set of expectations our clients bring to each engagement. This presentation will help you pinpoint the things that really matter to your customers so you can deliver great experiences they’ll care about.
Digital Spokesperson: your website’s future
Too many websites aren’t living up to their full potential. As the client-facing communication tool that nearly all of your customers interact with at some point in their buying process, it’s important that your site isn’t treated as another piece of marketing collateral. If you could create a perfect salesperson who aways had the right answer at the right time, who never went on vacation or had an off day, who answered your customers day or night – wouldn’t you?
Powering your campus communications with the WordPress REST API
The WordPress REST API has the potential to put a familiar face on the content management of a whole world of front-ends. Imagine a campus tour app that uses the same content infrastructure as the event kiosk in the student union and the .edu site. Load the content once, display it everywhere. Then come see how to build it.

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