B2B Digital strategy for multi-occasion CPG product and equipment

Facing two distinct B2B audiences and multiple stakeholders with competing interests, f'real needed a strong digital property to be the foundation of their business sales and support efforts.
Research-centered user journeys

Confusing user journeys, few calls to action, and an unclear support structure for current customers plagued the previous site. We started by interviewing marketing and sales team members, c-store and restaurant owners and employees who help customers use the blenders. We also assessed their baseline KPI targets and clickstream analytics. Armed with this first-party research, we reorganized the site content to create a cleaner navigational structure that got users what they were looking for sooner, and moved them into a targeted sales funnels earlier in the process.

Mature digital brand guidelines

One of the internal pain points that our research uncovered was frustration with the consumer brand adaptation into the B2B materials. It was “too fun” and “childish”, and didn’t reflect the more mature tone that the marketing and sales team wanted to convey. We took the opportunity to create a new set of digital brand guidelines that were informed by the larger brand standards. This effort toned down some of the sketchy, hand-drawn elements of the previous implementation in favor of cleaner lines and legible fonts. These new assets keep the humanistic, friendly spirit of the brand without the cartoon feel.

Search engine optimization

There were several hurdles preventing f’real from performing as desired from an SEO perspective. The most problematic was the fact that the entire B2B platform existed as a subdomain of the consumer site, neutering any potential benefit the two could receive together. Beyond that, there was no clear place in the architecture for marketing managers to develop new content that might drive search traffic or returning users. The new site was created in a WordPress multisite environment and migrated to a subdirectory of the main site, improving the link profile of both and easing the technical SEO burden on the content team.

Blender and freezer selection for lead generation

f’real wanted to take a bold approach to sell their self-serve and foodservice blenders by advertising the prices directly on the website. Up until this point, the price was only available to prospects who were on the phone with a sales rep, but their sales volume had reached a point that they only wanted to talk to the most qualified buyers. We designed a process that guided users to select their appropriate blender, it’s accompanying freezer, and submit their contact information to see a total price immediately. These contact forms, blender selections, and other lead scoring data were submitted into Pardot workflows for the sales team to follow up on, shortening the sales cycle with by starting with hotter leads.